Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am still around, you know :D

I know it's been quiet here on my blog.

December just came and went in a hurry - and my focus was otherwhere.

I spent my time on extra xmas activities during december, including a couple of concerts with my vocal group, X-tetten (they went really well, thank you :). I had xmas parties to go to and cookies to bake and presents to buy. I took more time off for xmas than planned - I guess I needed it.

And I worked at getting used to the drive from Fredericia to Silkeborg - and learned that driving 182 km (bit more than 100 miles) every day on roads as slippery as a skating rink is not something I enjoy.

I worked out a little to little and ate a little too much.

And here I am, it is 2011, and a brand new year lies at my feet. I have no new years resolutions, and no goal for this year. But I am here, still blogging (every now and then), alive and kicking, and in fine shape (well - working on the shape).

I plan to go to the US this year, though. I want to go see my bestest friend in Torrington.
And I might blog about that, too :-)

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