Sunday, October 31, 2010

I confess...

...I really like my job.

Actually, it sounds kind of boring when I tell others what I do. You know, I work at this software company that supports a number of danish banks. Specifically, I work in the department that develops eBanking systems.

I am the project manager of a team of 7-8 people, and at the moment we are making usability improvements on the investment side of our online bank.

Might not sound awfully exiting, but I love my job.

To me, it is the perfect mix of dealing with people and their oddities (my lovely colleagues as well our costumers - the banks), and using the mathematical/logical side of my brain to help along the analysis side of the project.

I love planning a sprint with the team, following the progress during the sprint and summing up how it went, when the sprint is over - and using the result to make our next planning a bit more precise. I like sitting in meetings, talking over solutions, and watching things come together. I like finding out what my co-workers are really good at, and I like trying to help them get even better.

I even like it when things get politically charged ... I might bitch about it, but the truth is that it just makes my job more interesting. I like learning the trade I do, and I like the feeling that I am getting more and more competent at it.

You might even say I am slightly in love with my job ... it is a combination of working with the right things, the right people and in a position that challenges me just enough to keep me on my toes. I am a lucky lady, because I go to work most days with a big smile and looking forward to the things I have to deal with.

Being a cog in this big and smooth-running machine pleases me. I know I am not changing the world, helping the poor or healing the sick - but I am as happy as a clam.

I just never want it to end :-)

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