Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sunny days

The weather is being quite un-danish at the moment.

Hot days, tropic nights, breakfast in the shade outside, and long, lazy afternoons in the sun in as little clothes as possible.

Watermelon wedges straight from the fridge, ditto white or rosé wine, long evenings spent outside reading or talking.

The sun goes down around 11 at night, and comes back up before 5 in the morning. Blacktops melt and people go for ice cream and lounge at the beach.

I SO love summer, when it goes all south european like this!

I don't moan about it getting too hot, or long for an overcast day or rain.
But then, I have a number of things going for me ...
  1. I live in an old house with double walls, that stays fairly cool
  2. I work in a nice airconditioned office
  3. My garden provides a choise of shade or sun, at any time of the day
  4. And I guess I do have this inner latina that just makes me thrive in the heat.
So bring on some more of this tropic summer heat! I can take it!

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