Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I quite fancy a hot redhead named Tine.

I first met her about 8 or 9 years ago. Back then she was the instructor of a class called Abdomen-Thighs-Buttocks, and I started in that class being completely and utterly un-fit. The first thing I learned was, that it was impossible to be low-energy and unhappy when I was in Tines class. She is, in short, a walking vitamin injection.

In the meantime I took Bodypump with Tine, Spinning with Tine ... and now I have Zumba class with Tine. She's had a couple of kids, and gained some pounds on that account. And she was never the skinny type.

But there is nothing better than looking at Tine, and seeing a lovely, goodlooking lady, obviously weighing more than most super models, and being a bit older than 18 - she shakes her booty and is SO latina-licious! Even though she is clearly 100 times better at all those groovy moves than I will EVER be, her acceptance and self-liking, along with her energetic and positive personality makes even a motorically challenged like me forget myself for a moment and turn into Shakira. Right until the point where I accidentally catch a glance at myself in the mirror... :D

Tine is indisputably a hottie. And I am tremendously happy that she chooses to spread her joy and energy every tuesday at my gym.


Bobbi Boe said...

And this post does not come with pictures?
How come??????

I am writing a formal protest!*pout*

Lizelotte said...

LOL ... how on earth am I supposed to take pictures when I am at Zumba class? You silly woman :D