Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brain on weekend

My brain just went on weekend and it's MUCH too early :D

The main cause is probably that we had a wine tasting event yesterday.

For those of you who don't know, I work at a fairly large software house, developing software for banks. Besides my regular job as a project manager, I am part of the board of our wine club at work.

The wine club arranges tastings, and selects and distributes wines to our members. The advantage of buying wine through us is, that it's been validated for quality and price by us. We have a number of members who actually claim to buy all of their wine from us, and we distribute wine for about 40.000 USD pr. year ... quite a bit, actually.

Last night we had a tasting, and the wines were very nice. The best was a wonderful thing from California - Patz & Hall Pinot Noir - it was VERY good stuff!!

Actually this wine ... and all the others ... were WAY too good to spit out. So I woke up this morning rather more tired than normal.

Fortunately I've had a short work day - at lunch I called it a day and took the rest of the day off. And tomorrow I have a day off too -- my youngest sons 14'th birthday is due, and my mother has come down from Aalborg, where she lives, to celebrate it with us. So we'll just putter about tomorrow and enjoy each others company.

BTW I think I might have ordered some of that fab pinot noir. So I'd better do some overtime later this week, or go ask for a raise or something.


Hanne said...

It was a very nice wine tasting. I have to admit that I preferred the last red wine the best. I ordered 6 bottles of the fantastic X-winery white wine as well as 6 bottles of the - hmm don't remeber the name of it but I sure remember the taste. It's gonna be a long week starting this way :D

Bobbi Boe said...

I do miss those wine tasting events, much more fun than the ones I go here!

I will look for the one you mentioned since we have very similar taste when it comes to wine, actually about other stuff too! *wink*

Bobbi Boe said...

I did try a cab at the wine tasting here last Friday that you might like!

Atticus John
Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa Valley 2007

If you can get your hands on it is worth a try, it is young but I can only imagine it will get even better!

Lizelotte said...

Hehe ... we like eyedrops as well as winedrops! :D

I will see if it's even available here in DK ... thanks for the tip!