Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is it okay just to close up a town for the summer?

What is happening to my town??

These days I am realizing that Fredericia is really not a tourist magnet ... difficult to understand.

The other evening Bruno and I went for a walk in town, and there were REALLY a lot of restaurants and smaller stores, that had big signs saying VACATION - CLOSED in the window.

Yesterday we came home from Øster Hurup - with a dire need for lunch and rest (and nursing a slight red wine poisoning) - and we realized our bread was moldy.
So I wanted to pop down to the baker on Vesterbrogade - it takes 2 minutes from here.
The first strange thing that happened, was a strange lack of cars parked in no parking zones on the corner of Fasanvej and Luthersvej. Well of course - Lucullus, our local smorgåsbord-expert, were on VACATION - CLOSED.

I walked happily on nonetheless, headed for the bakery. But as I reached the shop windows, they appeared void of raspberry shortcakes, cocks breasts (really - it's the name of a cake!) and mayors bread. There was, of course - VACATION - CLOSED.

Fortunately I could cross the street and get my bread at Netto, the supermarket on the corner of Indre Ringvej.

But what's the deal with Fredericia?? You can't just close the entire town up for vacation? Maybe I should call Uffe...


Bobbi Boe said...

dont you hate when they dare to go on vacation?

Lizelotte said...

Yes! It is very cheeky and selfish of them!