Saturday, July 26, 2008


I held a baby the other day.

One of my colleagues had brough this downy, little, milkscented creature, produced by him and his wife - and her just as button-cute big brother of 2 years age.

They are indisputably cute, such little critters. And I actually DO remember when my kids were small and soft. There was nothing in the world softer than Andreas, when he just woke up in the morning (very frequently in my bed) and put his pudgy little arms around my neck.


And Bodil - my pretty baby with dark hair and a mind of her own. She was so dear - well, actually she still is :-)


My baby, Kristian, can be a bit hard to keep up with. Before I know it, he is a big boy. He was a slightly built boy, with huge dark eyes, and the one that started talking late. He has certainly caught up with the talking.


Nope. They are not very small these days. But I love them at least as much as I did then :-)

Little kids are heartwrenchingly cute. They have to be, because they are completely helpless - and the cuteness is natures way of making sure we care for them. My kids are not helpless any more, and perhaps not cute in the way of little babies. But they are mine, and I am proud.

I just know my colleague and his wife has a lot of fun to come - to me, there is nothing greater than experiencing those downy little kids growing into real people, with a personality, and opinions and ways of doing things that their parents hadn't imagined at all.

And there IS an indisputable charm in NOT being awakened at night, becouse someone is hungry/lost the pacifier/had a nightmare/has wet the diaper etc etc....


Bobbi Boe said...

You have adorable kids no matter their age!

It is a bit scary how fast they got all grown up!

Love the pictures, specially the one Bodil looks like the Little Mermaid.

HAve a great week!

Lizelotte said...

They are so big - and all so adorable! I am nuts about them :-)

Yes she is cute, but I really like all these pictures... I wouldn't be able to pick out a favourite :-)