Monday, March 24, 2008

Birthday on two adresses

Today is Kristians birthday!

He has been celebrated on two adresses - we started out with breakfast table with presents and flags, and then Bruno went to work in the new house. In the afternoon we took our coffee table with rolls, cookies and a cake-man and packed it in the car, and had a birthday-picnic with the hardworking hubby in the new house.


Bruno had a much needed break, and Kristian had a good time - at least he looks like he did :-)


We got to check out the latest progress - all that had happened since yesterday. The latest was that the bedroom changed colours from salmony orange to the loveliest blue colour that matches the white trimmings beauuutifully (and also the white wardrobe that we have our eyes on for the bedroom).


Bodil checked out her new room, and also looked quite content.


It is showing now, that WE live there ... well, we almost do! We have moved many boxes by now, and that is a good thing, as it will make our final move on saturday easier.


So it goes fast and it goes well ... now our vacation is almost over, and fortunately we made a lot of progress in the course of it. More pictures is visible on my flickr, if you are curious. The coming week has the work-kind of busy in stor for me - a project workshop on monday, and a seminar wednesday and thursdag. Wednesday will be a late one for me as the schedule runs until 8 at night. Friday I've taken a day off - I will probably need it too :-)

So if I don't update my blog much this week, you'll know why...

Have a lovely working week!

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