Monday, December 10, 2007

I been bad...

Yeah, I know.

Not much have been happening on my english blog.

S'just that december is a bugger of a month. Everything going on at once.
And then, with the number of hits AND comments in here ... who gives a flying f..ish.

Maybe I'll improve. Maybe I'll just kill this off. Who knows....


Roberta said...

I am sorry if I have been bad about comments, it is just that the synagogue project has been eating all my time, we hardly have a life for the past month!
The last public hearing will be next thrusday, then if they veto the project we will go to court but at least I will not be working as mad, cause there will be less to do since those court matters always take long!

muitos beijinhos

please don't kill the blog!

Lizelotte said...

I know you're busy... hope things go well!

For you I'll let it live ... but bear with me if its slow, okay??