Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas peace...

There is real christmas peace in our home.
As a fantastic contrast to the somewhat hectic weeks before christmas, I can now be seen in sloooow motion...

On the 22nd we had "before-christmas" with Christina, Mette and Lasse - plus my kids. It was real cozy - and I've rarely seen such a large amount of risalamande vanish in such short time - maybe it's low air humidity?

Christmas eve went real well too. And lucky for me - Bruno likes the daring present I got him.

In connection to that I have to tell you, that Bruno hasn't owned a watch for a great many years. He stopped wearing a watch when he was in he army in 1979 - and that is truly some years ago. My opinion, though, was that with a handsome, grown man with greying temples, white shirt and a nice suit, must come a stylish watch. Preferably one that was a gift from his loving wife. The one, I carefully picked out, was this one, of the brand Skagen Design:

It's titanium and slimline - I reckoned that it would have to be light and thin for my non-watch-loving husband to fancy it.

Fortunately he likes his present - and understand my meaning with it. Being that it is more a nice accessory than anything else. It suits his wrist - so I did good.

In generel all were happy with their gifts. And we planned our chrismas in a way that allows us time to enjoy them. Yesterday we did absolutely NOTHING - meaning, Bruno went for a bikeride with Carsten, but I was puttering about in a tshirt and pyjama bottoms all day, doing a bit of laundry, knitting, reading, playing some of the games I got.

The games have been in use today as well. I got both Bezzerwizzer - a brilliant improvement of the idea behind Trivial Pursuit - and Sequence, that is a board/cardgame. I got to know it when we had our family weekend, where Mette brought it and it was played to the extreme...

Today we managed to leave the house. This morning Bruno and i went spinning at "Forever". Tough, but nice.

We've also been in Billund Airport to pick up our visitor from Holland, Victor.

He looks just like himself - and is just as easy and nice to talk to (fun boy with a lovely black sense of humor and the WILDEST base voice) as I remember.

At this moment, Bodil, Kristian and Victor are in Bodils room, going through a season of the Simpsons that Bodil got for christmas - seasoned with giggles and talk coming through the door.

Peace - quiet - good times...


Roberta said...

It sounds like you had a lovely time!
I am glad!
We had a quiet Xmas, nothing wrong with that. We have been so crazy with computers with virus( no worries it is finally solved!) but having to re install EVERYTHING has been taking all the spare time we did not even had!

I got a few nice gifts from Mike, and a real nice cardigan sweater from Karen. Mike seems happy with his "new Toys" too, specially the cordless keyboard and mouse!
Funny that Bruno does not wear a watch, Mike simply hate them, he got a beautiful one from a client a couple of years ago but it lives in a drawer on my desk( his does not have drawers!)

What are your plans for New Years Eve? I do miss the ones we spent together!


Lizelotte said...

This new years, we are visiting my sisters family in Aalborg ... and if you read my newest post, you'll se that I have been thinking abou our new years eves too --- I specially remember pointing out Bruno to you one time ... you remember? "The sexy neighbour?"