Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Now with shoulderpads!

Tomorrow we have our annual department seminar.

It's going to be a blast! We are thirty-odd people, and we start by going to Odense to play ice hockey.

There is a task for every one. Som are couches, others team managers, we have photographers and an audience.

I signed up to be a player. Never mind I can't ice skate, and that I only have experience from floor hockey - that's not going to stop me.

Our couch is Irma - or rather, she is now Aleksei Kovalev, because she's given us all new, cool ice hockey names. I now go by the name of Louie DeBrusk. I will do my best to live up to it!

Here is the original DeBrusk in action ...

After the crowd bears us from the ice as winners - we are going to a cottage to do some sort of team activity - non-violent, this time, I think!

Then it's time for a bit of dinner and some red wine, I believe, and I get to sleep with 3 other ladies.

Friday? I'll take the rest of the day off - after we come back.

I can't wait - it'll be great fun!

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