Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lovely lunch

Today we visited a bank, that is situated at Mariager Fjord. Another good meeting, even though all three of us feel the travelling fatigue after having visited 8 banks in 1½ week.

As a bonus, we got to have lunch at the nicest inn on the way home.


Here they serve lovely omelettes in historic settings. The inn has been run by the Fiil-family for many years (since 1788), and during WWII the owner of the inn was active in the well known resistance unit the Hvidsten group. They were all shot by the germans - a sad story.


The inn lies beatifully right by the road between Mariager og Randers. Inside it is cozy like an old fashioned living room, and it is still run by the Fiil family. It was the present Fiil that served us omelette in the comfort of the inn.


We chatted cozily and enjoyed a beer with our omelette, before we had to take off again. Unfortunately we couldn't stay for long. I would have liked to occupy this chair with a goodbook, a knitted blanket and a glass of red wine...


Instead we had to get back on the freeway, but it didn't take long for me and Bøge to fall asleep. Good thing that Elis had water with his omelette - he was driving!

I will surely take my family to Hvidsten Kro some time - had almost forgotten it was right there, offering omelettes...

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