Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six years ago

Do you remember where you were, and what you were doing 6 years ago?

I do.

Back then I was still active in my union, and I'd been at a seminar at Koldingfjord, a nearby hotel. We'd been working til 7 at night, and had stopped early the next day - so I was home around 2.30 in the afternoon. I was tired - having had 2 very focused days and gotten to bed a bit late.

So I sat in my couch and turned on the tv - just to relax with som easy viewing. But what I found was entirely different. A tower with the smoke billowing out. Scared, riled up faces. Crying.

One clip was shown again and again. How the plane hit the high rise building. You could hear outbursts and screams in the background from the people watching.

And as I sat there watching, came the other plane. I looked in disbelief and horror, as it nonhesitantly flew into the other tower. I saw the buildings fall, as the cameraman's hands got unsteady and a cold lead feeling spread in my stomach.

I heard the news of the plane in Pentagon. And I sat there, alone in my house, thinking: Now it's going to come. The message that London, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Rome, Prague and San Francisco are hit.

I had a sinking feeling, that the world had changed, that it would never be safe again. That this was war. That one city after another would be struck by the mad people.

Fortunately it didn't go as badly as I feared.
But I still remember that day - that feeling. The weather on this crisp late-summer day. The feeling of doom eating my heart black and hollow.

Do you remember? Where were you? And how was your reaction?

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