Friday, August 10, 2007

Time to ourselves

The vacation period is nearly over.

The sun set so beautifully

Kristian is going on the last couple of days of vacation with his dad. He will be coming home sunday, happy and with a few more sun-freckles. I look forward to seeing him, and hearing all he has to tell.

Bodil came back wednesday from her grandparents. She was there for a bit over a week, and they had a good time! Her cousins live nearby, and a penfriend, that she has payed a visit to as well.

And hanging out with grandma is not the worst thing in the world. Bodil has a sweet graandma, and I bet they had som good talks.

I have even had my big kid - Andreas - this week. He came tuesday night, and left last night, and this weekend he is having his first turn as a guard at Amalienborg.

So in spite of what we'd thought when the summer started, Bruno and I got a while on our own. And boy, did we enjoy it!

Me on the beach

When we just started up as a couple, the change in me was very easy to see. Joy bubbled up, and on me it really shows on the outside. It's very hard to hide.

That led, back then, to a sour comment from a female co-worker, who has been married for (too?) many years: "Yes, it's all very good - your honeymoon days will be over sometime too!"

And I guess they are - but certainly not in the way that my colleague had imagined. Our joy of being together is completely intact. "In love" has grown a solid foundation of lasting love, and a 2nd floor of belonging together and trust. We still can't keep our hands off each other, and we find each other company indspiring and joyful.

My love enjoyed the last rays of sun

So time to ourselves ... that means a lot for us. Its time to enjoy and be lovers. The house can stay a mess, the garden grow weeds. When the weather is like its been this year, we enjoy long days and evenings at the beach, trips into the country to pretty places, movie dates ... and days where we just relax and read on our porch.

We had the perfect lovers-date this tuesday. We packed food into a cooling bag and brought our beach gear and mini grill to a beach on Northern Funen. We enjoyed the sun and the air, and when we got hungry, we barbecued and had our dinner. Then we sat on our camping chairs and watched the sun go down, the conversation waxing and waning and going in all directions.

More sunset 2

It was a splendid evening. There were intertwining of fingers and batteries reloading. There was the sun setting over Jutland, and a cayac gliding by soundlessly on the water.

A canoe slid soundlessly by

There was the sound of the silly sheep on the field behind us ("Baaah - BAAAAH!") and the strange cries of the seagulls. There was the flame at Shell, that we could see all the way over here. And there were us - in the middle of it all - and a flock of seagulls doing a polesitting competition. They still sat there, when we left.

Left to go back to our everyday life - our non-honeymoon days. That are not really dull and sour at all, because we have each other.


Munirah Z said...

beautiful pictures! where was that place?

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Lizelotte said...

Munirah, I live in Denmark, on the main peninsula. This beach is on the large island Funen. I live just a few miles from the bridge to Funen, and the beaches there are fine...

Munirah Z said...

i live in Malaysia, near to Singapore..i never been to countries outside Malaysia yet...i hope i can be at the beaches in Denmark in coming time! :)

Lizelotte said...

You might find Denmark a bit more chilly than Malaysia ... :) But it's pretty. If you ever come, let me know ... I'd like to show you some danish beaches :)

I have never been to the far east - I've mostly travelled in Europe and been to the US a couple times. Malaysia looks very pretty, though!