Friday, August 24, 2007


I enter the weekend with a head that is quite less long haired than it was at the start of the week - it's NICE! This weekend will contain:

Girls gathering tonight with the women from my department - there aren't many of us, so we have had to form a club...

Reunion with my old grade school class - in whose numbers you find THE girlfriend through my school years, the guy I was buddies with and had countless stamp collecting clubs etc with, and last but not least - my very first boyfriend!

It is quite a separate story. He came to our school in 8th grade, with an exotic Zealand dialect. He came from Albertslund near Copenhagen, and that was damn exotic in those days in the north of Jutland. He had bright superblue eyes, broad shoulders and a smile that lit up the room. And it was me he found attractive ... quite a chock to me at the time, as it had never happened before!

He was my boyfriend for a little less than a year - a long time at that age. When we weren't off shooting airguns, playing table tennis or racing on his model racetrack, we'd be in his room performing red-cheeked kissing and fondling. Very telling of the borderland between child and adult, that we were in.

At some point he broke up, and it was my first heartbreak. I was crushed! Until one day I looked up, and into another set of beautiful blue eyes ... that was how it was back then.

I look forward to meeting him again - and fear it a bit. What if he's gotten bald and fat? Or even worse - if he's superfit and much younger looking than me??

Good to know I have my stamp-club-friend to fall back on - we were always able to find our way back to fun and easy conversation ... :-)

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Roberta said...

Wow! Those reunions can be so tricky!
Not sure you remember I went to one in Rio, while still living in UK, was my 20 years one, I was shocked by the amount of bald headed fat guys! And also shocked to learn how many of them had crushes on me when I never had a clue!
I will have a chance to see an old friend from high school years, not from my class, he is 3 years older than me, in this next trip to Rio,,, I am a bit scared!(LOL)