Sunday, July 29, 2007

And now to something completely different!

With these undying word from the icons of british humour (the Monty Python gang), I abruptly divert attention from my motherly adoration by turning my attention to a travelling bonus child.

Brunos daughter, Christina, is at the moment spending 4½ weeks in China (!!!) with her friend, Cathrine.

Cathrine and Christina has known each other since they at an early age met in school here in Fredericia. They have shared thick and thin, and even been roommates for a while - in Odense, while Cathrine went to high school (which she finish with honors and 3 high level subjects AND good grades) and Christina took HF - a condenced high school degree (also quite successfully).

Now the two tough cookies have gone off to China. The fact that they are REALLY on their own - even if they are just in their mid-twenties and deaf to boot - is no obstacle. Oh well. They understand chinese just as well as I do. andre gør.

On Christinas blog it's possible to follow their journey - they do travel a lot. Sadly, the blog is in danish, so I am not linking to it...

At home their girl/boyfriends are waiting eagerly to have them back :-)

Personally, I look forwards to seeing the pictures and hearing stories from their trip "live".

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