Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shame on me

I know - I've been shamefully bad at keeping my english blog up to date.
But then, I do have a busy life, and my weekend has been full indeed.

Andreas came home to recover on wednesday, and by friday morning he was feeling his own self again. That made Kristina appear - she was really worried about catching a bug from him, since she is graduating from highschool - TODAY!!!

She has her final exam at 9.30 this morning, so I will be crossing my fingers for her. I am quite sure she will do really well, she is well prepared, and smart to boot.

This weekend we went for my brothers 50th birthday party. It was midsommer as well, so we had a bonfire with a mock witch on it. She was stuffed with more than hay - actually she was shooting fireworks right and left :-)

Bruno got in a proper party-mood, and Conny and him did their usual song number.... my mom was astonished :-)

1johnny han var

The pic is from my birthday last year ... :-)

This week will be busy too. I have to tie off a bunch of loose ends at work, because on friday I go on vacation. The first week we will be at home, maybe off camping a day or two, but mostly home. Then we leave for the south of France with our tent wagon.

marked 3

I can't wait for that. I am allready in the mood for lavender and wine fields..... rustic markets and handmade soaps.... all that good stuff...


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