Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Nivea fairy

I am past the age of believing in the tooth fairy. On the other hand I know for a fact that the Nivea fairy is for real.

A while ago I tested tanning lotions. Someone at Niveas marketing department had spotted my blog, and offered me to test their product - it was up to me whether I wrote about it or not.

I chose to do so - I had a good time testing and it made a good post, well in line with the normal content of my everydaylife-blog. And of course I would have put the product seriously down if I hadn't liked it. That is a fact.

After that, I mislaid th Nivea-ladys mail, so I was unable to write her and tell her I'd done my duty so she could send me some more.

The other day, visiting a rarely used folder in my mailbox, I came upon her email - and hence her email addy. So I hopefully sent her a slightly delayed email (I did the test in march) that I would like to test some more, and a link to my tanning lotion post.

Thursday I realized that the Nivea fairy exists. I got a package containing a true eldorado of care produkts - normal size, no stingy little test products - and I calculated that shopping for the same products in the shops would cost me about 800 hard earned kr. (Equivalent to 110 EUR).


Thank you, kind Nivea fairy!
I will be the most well-moisturized woman in this area code! All for free...


Roberta said...

Darn! I never had that kind of luck!
Actually I never had any luck with self tanners, even the expensive ones, like Lancome and such,,, tired all, cause I do like my legs to look tanned and not my normal milky white with bruises!
Well I am happy for you and pray tell if you like any of the products more than others as I always like a review before I try something!

Lizelotte said...

Sweetie you should start blogging :-)

I am not too good with self tanners, but I find the ones that tan just a bit, over many days, the easier one to use...