Monday, June 11, 2007

Next, please!

It's been a great week in spite of
  • failing internet connection
  • failing energy to blog due to lovely weather

so here is a short illustrated week review:


This handsome guy is 5 weeks old - his name is Alexander (or it will be, soon). He is going to be hearing a lot of X-tetten in the next year or so, when his mother comes back from maternity leave - hopefully soon, as we miss our soprano!

He visited us last wednesday, and I got a chance to coo and rock a bit, and even though he is as cute as a button, I can definately say, that the throbbing of ovaries caused by small babies is completely over for me...


This is Mathias (Kristinas brother) and Kristian in the garden, performing the olympic disciplin of garden sprinkler gymnastics. Kristian is trying out for a 9,8 score, I think.


Oh joy! A nearly naked, gorgeous man on my porch! Bruno has gone to the shade, reading and sporting his silly red shorts. I like him even better, when they are off - but this is a family blog!!

It was a great week. Next, please!

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