Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Buzy bees

That is Bruno and me these days.

We live in a large house. 181 m2, on two levels, with a big garden. 5 bedrooms.

It was great when we moved in together, having 4 kids under 18, that we needed rooms for.

Now it too big. Andreas has gone to Høvelte, near Copenhagen, to mind the queen, and when he gets back, it will only be temporary. February 1st Kristina and him are going on a study trip to Costa Rica in Middle America to improve their spanish skills and experience loads! They will be gone 3 months, and I can't imagine him moving back in with us when they get back. Not permanently.

Last friday our house came up for sale, and today the first potential buyers are getting a tour of the house.

So it has got to look inviting.

It does - but I have wrinkly fingers!
et hus, som vi har valgt sammen. Et, som ikke er en del af vores historie før vi var "os".I fredags kom vores hus på boligsiden, og i morgen kommer de første interesserede ud for at se huset. Så det må godt se ordentligt ud ... og det gør det nu.Til gengæld har jeg rynkede fingre.


Roberta said...

Do the real estate person has pictures of the house on a website?

I got curious!
I have seen pieces and bits of it, in pictures you sent over the years, but I never had an idea of it all!

I will keep my firgers crossed for you guys to get the best deal ever!
Did you already find anything in Fredericia?

Lizelotte said...

Roberta, we haven't found anything specific yet - we aim to sell the house first and then find another house. We sure dont want to get stuck with two houses!