Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sunday flashback


That was the end of that weekend. Has it really been two whole days since I was thinking: "aaaahhh - it's friday and the working day is over!" and puttering on home to my house and my sprouts?? Well, appearantly!

Friday was spent on that many times planned and cancelled trip to Ikea. I promised Kristian a new bed LONG ago, and now was the time! He got to choose which ever one he wanted - and he chose a nice white and beechwood bed, just like Bodils, with 3 drawers underneath. You get a lot of bed for 2000 kr. in Ikea.

When we were halfways through the store, there was a message in the loudspeakers, that the national cash-card system was down. Meaning that throughout the country it was impossible to access the system that is used for paying with any kind of cash- or credit-card. They said it might cause longer waits, but it wasn't really bad.

They had the manual system at every cashier, where you put our card in a slip with carbon paper - so it went quite smoothly.


We got the bed assembled today, and Kristian is very happy with it. We re-arranged the setting of his room at the same time, and it looks really nice now!

Saturday we had company. Our friends (and my colleagues) Eva and Klaus, and their 3 wonderfully zesty kids invaded our home around coffee-time - and hung around cozily until near midnight.


My dear husband flexed his kiddy-entertainment-muscle, and proved that he was completely on level with Ludvig, who will be 2 this summer. Bruno was utterly charmed - and no wonder, because you don't find a smily, docile and easygoing kid like Ludvig every day!


The two older kids - Ellen (4 I think..) and William (definately 6) - we didn't see much of. They watched dvd-movies and drew pictures with Bodil and Kristian, and a mutual bond of adoration formed between Ellen and Bodil.
Bodil was keen to adopt Ellen as her little sister, and Ellen found Bodil AMAZING! Even more so, when Bodil gave her a makeover - wow!


But isn't it awfully hard to avoid getting lipstick on your sleeve??

As usual we agreed that we have to get together more often, and this time we seriously mean it! :-)


It was a really lovely day and evening - and with a bit of sunday mood I sign of for the week...


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