Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lifes temptations...

Life is so full of temptations!!

And it is very hard to maintain a healthy diet, working in the kind of environment that I am set in every day...

We have a very nice cafeteria, but that is not the main problem. You see, it's my co-workers. They sabotage my every attempt to eat right ... like today. I was sitting in my own space minding my own business, and suddenly, the smell of fresh bread and warm "leverpostej" (a traditional danish liver spread that tastes a LOT better than it sounds) attacked my nostrils!

What can a girl do??

Also, there is Hugo. He started out small. Just bringing a few bags of candy in that his son got cheap at his supermarket job, and now he has a complete sweet-shop - right in the same office as me!! Shame on you, Hugo!


Here is Hugos irresistable sweet-shop ... arggh!! I hate it!!

I can only say - I have a weak, but beautiful spirit!


Roberta said...

Now I can also enjoy your blog!
Thank you!

Lizelotte said...

Minha doce irma - I will so look forwards to your visits!! :-)