Thursday, February 15, 2007

An evening of song

We are busy, us girls in the vocal group, X-tetten, at the moment.

On march 5 we are to perform at a senior citizen arrangement - to sets of ½ hour - that is twice as long as we usually perform.

The cashier (that's me) is happily rubbing her hands, because it will help out on our rather meager bank account. Yesterday we met up - those of us not on maternity leave - to go through the entire repertoire. Whew. We were tired afterwards.

In the middle of our session, Line showed up with baby Gustav, who is now 7 weeks old.
The choir is bountiful - Karina is due in 10 weeks, and Lone has a new one coming in september!

At the school, where we practice, there was a fastelavn (danish halloween) party, and a few girls - Susans (who is a teacher at this school) pupils, I guess - showed up to listen to us.

It was a trying, but nice evening - you just CAN'T maintain a bad mood with those women!

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